Jaime Botero

Writer, genealogist and historian, who has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to researching the origins, the history and all the events around the surname Botero and Bottero in the world.

Creator of the literary collection called "La Saga Botero" through which he has shown the entire chronology of this family clan and with which it has achieved national and international recognition in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, United States and Italy of all its members.


The beginning of The Botero Saga

Value $70,000 Colombian pesos

The story of how the Boteros migrated through Colombia

Value $70,000 Colombian pesos

The migration of Italians in Argentina

Value $70,000 Colombian pesos

The biography of the characters of the surname Botero in Colombia

Value $70,000 Colombian pesos

Origin of the surname Botero

Value $100,000 Colombian pesos

Children's story, the life of Master Fernando Botero

Value $60,000 Colombian pesos

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A space to get to know the characters of THE BOTERO SAGA
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Jaime Botero


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